My Babysense Dreamer will not pair

To connect please try the following steps:

•     Connect the power cable to the Dreamer and then plug it into your electrical power outlet.
•     Press power button to switch the Dreamer on
•     Ensure your cellular device's Bluetooth and WiFi is ON
•     Download the app (Babysense Smart Nursery)

•     Stay close to your router and place the Dreamer into Pairing Mode (see point 2 below)

Note: The Babysense Dreamer is compatible with 2.4GHz networks only.

1.  When turning the Dreamer on the backlights on the top panel will light up and the Dreamer's body will illuminate in white.

2.  The letter P will appear on the clock/temperature display and will blink for 3 minutes indicating the device is in pairing mode. If no P appears or to reactivate pairing mode please press and hold both buttons together for 5 seconds.

If none of the above steps work, before trying again, please reset the device by inserting a small, firm object into the reset hole (found on the bottom of the device) and press for 10 seconds.

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