How can I use the Split Screen Feature?

To view the cameras in split-screen view follow the steps below:

  • Press Split Screen on the Parent Unit to activate Split Screen Mode
  • Press Split Screen Button on the Parent Unit to deactivate Split Screen Mode
  • This function is only available when two or more cameras are paired.
  • If 4 cameras are paired and Split-Screen Mode is selected then cameras 1 and 2 will be seen in one Split-Screen view and cameras 3 and 4 will be seen in the next Split-Screen view.

Please Note:

  • In Split-Screen Mode you will see the images from 2 cameras side-by-side but will only be able to hear the camera you are connected to at the time (the image highlighted in the green frame)
  • The split-screen view is displayed as camera 1 & 2 and then camera 3 & 4

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