V35 - Lullaby & White Noise options on my Babysense monitor.

Are you looking to activate your lullaby & white noise options on your Babysense V35?

Let's start with a quick over view of your V24R Parent Unit, which will come in handy when getting lullabies or white noise activated:

You can soothe the baby to sleep by playing 4 pre-programmed lullabies from the Baby Unit. The monitor also features a White Noise sound, which is an effective way to soothe a crying infant and lull your newborn to sleep. Lullaby and White Noise feature is controlled remotely from the Parent Unit.

• Press the MENU/OK button (6) on your Parent Unit and the menu screen will pop up.
• Press the LEFT button (9) or RIGHT button (7) until the Lullaby icon is highlighted in red.
• Then press the MENU/OK button (6) and a secondary menu with brightness level options will pop up.
• Press the LEFT button (9) or RIGHT button (7) to select the desired melody (1-4), a LOOP mode or a White Noise sound. Press the MENU/OK button (6) to confirm.
• Press the EXIT button (8) to exit the menu.
• In order to stop the lullaby playback, go to the “Lullaby Setting” menu and select OFF icon.

NOTE: Once the lullaby function is turned on, the lullaby icon will be displayed on top of the LCD screen.
The lullaby default setting is OFF.
When playing the lullabies in a loop mode only the 4 melodies are available; the White Noise does not play in the loop mode.

If you get stuck at all, let us know.

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