Troubleshooting for Babysense 7

If you are having trouble with your Babysense Device try the following:

  • Refer to the User Guide – Section: "Conduct this performance test daily".
  • It is also indicated in the Troubleshooting Guide in the section "Delayed alarms while taking the baby out of bed" + “The alarm does not go off within 20 seconds when performing the correct performance test”. We recommend performing this test daily and every time you change the baby’s bed location or change bedding.

Performance Test procedure: 

  • Perform the test with the same conditions as in normal use. If your baby sleeps with the air-conditioner/fan on, open window, etc., please do the same during the test.
  • The performance test should be conducted while the baby is not in the crib.
  • Turn the device on and take two steps back from the crib.
  • Ensure that the alarm goes off within 20 seconds (due to the absence of movements).
  • The alarm may sound with or without preliminary ticking.
  • Performance tests must be conducted daily.

Please note, that taking the baby out of bed and waiting for the alarm to go off is not the correct Performance Test and is not an indication of the proper operation of the device.


There are many factors that can delay the alarm once you take the baby out of bed. The monitor registers every slightest breathing movement and alarms if the algorithms recognize a situation related to the baby’s breathing distress (constant weight and irregular breathing/movement pattern). When you take the baby out of bed, there is a significant weight change and thereafter no movements, which is never the case in normal conditions when the baby is sleeping inside the bed. In the above case, the algorithm knows that this is not a situation requiring an alarm. When you remove the blanket, the monitor again registers a movement, but this time with no weight change (blanket weight is insignificant), and in such a case it alarms, as this is exactly the situation Babysense is monitoring (constant weight and irregular breathing/movement change).

No alarm within 20 seconds:
If after performing the correct Performance Test the alarm is not triggered within 20 seconds, refer to troubleshooting (last section). The reason for that could be environmental disturbances (fan or air conditioner which are oriented directly on the baby's bed; or vibrations (baby mobile toy or other vibrating toys)).
Babysense is a very sensitive device and in some cases, such environmental disturbances may lead to delays in alarm. In such situations, you should eliminate such disturbances by changing the direction/strength of the fan or air conditioner, turning the mobile devices off on the baby's bed, and changing the crib location in the nursery. Once you perform the daily Performance Test you will be able to see if this is the case.

If during the correct Performance Test (under the same environmental conditions as in normal use) the device works properly (alarm within 20 seconds), you can rest assured that it works properly in normal use.

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