How do I install my Babysense 7 monitor

  • For inserting the batteries, remove the battery cover by placing your thumb/finger in the opening recess and gently pulling away from the control unit. Insert, in accordance with the markings, 4 new and identical size AA 1.5-volt Alkaline batteries and close cover. 

Note: Please dispose of used batteries in accordance with local waste regulations. 

  • Place control unit holder on the base of the crib or bed and in between two bars
  • When using for infant not yet able to crawl, place one sensor pad under the mattress. Make sure the sensor is placed underneath baby’s location in crib. When baby begins to crawl and can move onto areas not "covered" by a single sensor pad, use both sensor pads. PLEASE NOTE: The sensors shall be placed with the marking “THIS SIDE UP” facing upfront.
  • When using a crib/bed equipped with spring base, place extra wooden board (plywood) under each sensor pad. The recommended size of the board is at least 17’’ x 11’’ and 1/2’’ thick.
  • Pass the cord(s) of the sensor pad(s) through special openings in the holder.
  • Attach end(s) of the cord(s) to the outlets marked "SENSOR" on the back of control unit. When using one sensor pad, attach to any “SENSOR” outlet. PLEASE NOTE: Do not attach any cable to the blocked socket, marked "DO NOT USE". 
  • Should the design of the crib / bed not allow proper installation with the control unit holder, please use the optional hanging hook, and hang the control unit from the bottom edge of the crib.
  • Press control unit holder or hanging hook firmly into slot behind the control unit. 
  • Place mattress firmly on top of sensor pads ensuring a tight connection.

IMPORTANT: To avoid possible danger from sensor cords, ensure that excess cords are pulled back under the mattress, secured with the included cable tie and are not visible or reachable.

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