Can I Cancel or Return my Babysense Order?

Not like you would want to cancel your Babysense order, but yes, you definitely can...

Timing is Everything!

It is important to note that our order processing is designed to be as quick as possible. This means often your order might already be processed and set for delivery. So, to work out how to proceed, you can follow the following guide:

Cancelling within 12 Hours

This gives you a high chance or being able to cancel and be refunded quickly.

Cancelling withing 24 Hours

There might be a chance that your order has not yet been assigned for delivery. This means we can prevent the order from being delivered and your order cancelled and refunded. 

However, depending on your location, delivery may already be planned. This means we will be unable to prevent delivery. 

Nonetheless, we will be able to help with the Return & Refund of your order.

Cancelling between 24 & 48 Hours

There is a greater chance that your order has been processed and planned for delivery.

But there might be a chance we can prevent delivery, although not guaranteed.

Returning within 90 Days (US purchases) and 30 Days (UK & EU purchases)

All you need to do is get in touch, as explained below.


Whether you are cancelling or wanting to return an order, all you need to do is complete our on-line form:

Cancel or Return your Order

We are standing by to help you!






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