Principal of operation for my Babysense Connect

WARNING: Please note that the green LED (power indicator) is not an indicator for movements of the baby.

It only indicates that the Babysense Connect Monitor is ON. When movement is sensed, the green

movement LED light flashes.


  • Place your baby in crib/bed.
  • Turn control unit on by pressing ON/OFF button.
  • Make sure Green Power Indicator LED is illuminated briefly.
  • When any movement is sensed, the green movement light flashes. NOTE: This is not an indication of the baby's movement rate, but that movement is being sensed.
  • Acoustic and visual red alarm light are activated if the baby's movement stops or slows significantly.
  • If Orange LED light flashes in 5 second intervals and Green Power LED is on (low-battery warning), replace all batteries as soon as possible. If the Orange LED continuously flashes with no Green Power LED, all batteries must be replaced immediately or fully charge the rechargeable batteries ( for applicable list).
  • Turn off control unit by pressing ON/OFF Power Button before taking your baby out of the crib / bed. Make sure the Green LED is off and no other lights are seen thereafter, to indicate the device is turned off.
  • Babysense Connect is a highly sensitive device, which monitors a baby's movements through the mattress during sleep. There are two main causes of malfunction - technical malfunctions and malfunctions due to environmental factors.

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