My Babysense SEE WiFi Camera will not pair with my mobile device


Please could you try the following steps to connect :

  • Scan applicable QR Code or download and install Babysense Smart Nursery app.
  • Plug the power adapter into the Babysense SEE WiFi Camera and the electrical outlet.
  • Confirm the camera is in pairing mode (red LED will flash) - if no flashing please press and hold for 5-10 seconds the "set" button (located at the back of the camera).
  • Activate WiFi (2.4GHz network only) on your mobile phone
  • Ensure you have selected the same WiFi Network for the app as you have your mobile device connected to.
  • Stay close to your router
  • Select the relevant WiFi network and enter the appropriate password (case and character sensitive). Please ensure that your WiFi name and password do not contain the following symbols: $ \ " `
  • Ensure your mobile phone is connected  to the internet 
  • The app will search for your camera and if successful will pair.

If the above is unsuccesful:

  • Please click on "Add Manually" - ensure your camera is in pairing mode, indicated by red flashing LED (press and hold for 5 seconds the "set" button, located at the back of the camera).
  • Please ensure that your WiFi name and password is not 28 characters or longer and does not contain the following symbols: $ \ " `
  • Position your mobile phone (forward facing) approximately 20cm away in front of the camera allowing the QR Code to be scanned.
  • Once completed (can take a little while) the camera will beep.
  • Camera is now connected - LED on Camera will be Green

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