There are lines or spots on my Babysense V43 parent unit screen!

So you are experiencing problems with the image on your Babysense split screen monitor.

Often there is a simple solution, but where this is not the case, our Babysense Support Team are ready to assist.

First, here are some steps to help you solve this issue.

  • Please wipe the lens of the camera with a soft, fluff free cloth. Dust and dirt can contribute to this issue. Ensure that the spots are not something on the surface of the lens.
  • Switch between the power adapters of the camera and parent units, to test if the camera is getting power normally.
  • If that solves the issue, then the problem is with the power adapter.
  • Please note that if the monitor is night vision mode, image quality may not be as sharp as when in a fully lit room. If there is a bright reflection from another light source this too may reduce the quality of the image.
  • Alternatively, we recommend deleting the paired cameras, powering the cameras and monitor ON and OFF and then resetting the device. Once completed then re-pair the desired cameras.

If this has not helped, let our Babysense Support Team know.

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